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My friend just learned that there is a pokestop (for Pokeman Go) right outside her house...is there something fun we could do with this?

She lives in a neighborhood with a bit of a bad reputation for safety, and this pokestop seems to be bringing in people who otherwise wouldn't tread. We'd like to put something there - maybe just a chalk drawing on the sidewalk to welcome folks? But neither of us really know the game. What would be a fun, witty, clever, friendly thing to do for these Pokemon travelers?

Players of Pokemon Go - is there anything that would get your attention or you'd think was particularly fun?
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Hang a sign that says "Lures and Lemonade - Saturday at 6pm", then deliver on said promise and meet some neighbors.
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A simple bench, even built out of apple-boxes or something would be nifty. You would need to enlist the help of a player to see where is a good spot to put it that doesn't block the sidewalk but isn't too far away from the spot.
The lures and lemonade thing is a really nice idea, you would need to make an account in the game and then use the free lure you get when you start (you get another at some level, otherwise they are an in game purchase).
The lure is something you can attach to the pokespot that means that for a half an hour it showers little heart-petals and far more pokemons can be caught in the vicinity.
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How about installing a Little Free Library?
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FYI, it's free incense you get when you join -- you don't get a free lure until you hit level 8. (Incense is a single-player item that attracts pokemon to them wherever they walk; lure modules are anchored to pokestops and everybody can use them until they run out, so that's what you want to use.) If you don't want to bother leveling up or want this to be a regular thing, they're the equivalent of $0.80 each or $6.80 for a pack of eight, but you need to buy the in-game currency in increments of at least a dollar.

Seconding the bench and little library ideas. You could also follow in the footsteps of one of MeFi's own and put up a tiny art gallery.
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Just chiming in to say that I love this question. My house is a Pokestop and I've been looking for things to do too!
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If you're going to do Lemonade and Lures, you should also find a spare charger for Android and iPhone, set it out, and make a little Pokemon Center sign. You can even give yourself a Nurse Joy name tag!
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Best answer: build a blue pokestop marker out of styrofoam cubes or cardboard and put it on the lawn.
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image of pokestop marker in case you don't play :)
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Best answer: Even just chalking the image of a Pokeball on the sidewalk or a nearby wall would be cute, especially so if you can place it somewhere Pokemon are likely to pop up so that people can use it as a background for their photos. The words "gotta catch em all" would also work.
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Best answer: You'd need to waterproof it, but what about leaving out some sort of guest registry people could sign in on? I have no idea what the actual purpose of this would be, but it could be fun. You could encourage people to draw pictures of what they capture. You could make the sidewalk chalk idea be similarly participatory.
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I'm working on some signs for the teams in the game. My son and I have been putting them up near PokeGyms around town, but we might start putting them in near popular PokeStops too. Even a printout of the symbols taped to a tree or lamppost would make players feel more welcome.
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*cynically* You could take pictures or videos of everybody coming by and post them online somewhere for the world to see.
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