How do I reattach this dishwasher conduit/spray arm? Pictures inside.
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The middle spray arm/dishwasher conduit for my 2-year-old dishwasher fell off. I don't think it's broken, but I could be mistaken. I've tried snapping it back into place, I'm not sure where to snap it into! Is this re-attachable? Or is the conduit actually broken?

I know very little about home improvement, so this kind of stuff is like solving a rubik's cube to me. I've attached pictures of both the conduit (with spray arm attached) and what I thought was the hole that had something to do with reattachment.

The conduit isn't even mentioned in the installation manual. The youtube videos I've watched mostly involve replacing the spray arm, which isn't an issue for me (I think...) I don't think the conduit has anything to do with the top rack, but I could be mistaken.

Dishwasher model/manual:

Pictures of conduit + attached spray arm:

Picture of dishwasher

Where I thought the conduit was supposed to attach:

Please let me know if you need any more info or photos. Can someone give me some pointers on how to proceed? I beseech your help, oh wise and gentle MeFites!
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Best answer: In my dishwasher, the conduit is connected to the spray arm and rests over the bump at the back of the dishwasher, but doesn't actually connect to the bump. (It can't connect, because the conduit needs to be able to move when you pull the top rack in & out since it is attached to the spray arm.) Yours looks similar.

I think you'll be fine if you just reattach the spray arm where it belongs.
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Best answer: (Are you able to snap the spray arm back into place? Mine has a knob that screws on to hold it, but I don't see that in your photo.)
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Response by poster: The spray arm is already attached to what the installation manual calls the "middle conduit arm." I don't think. The spray arm attaches to the top rack at all, as it remains stationary even when I pull out the rack (unless my memory is extra-fuzzy today).

I thiiiiink the middle conduit arm needs to be attached to the nub at the back of the dishwasher, using one of the two holes on the back of the conduit. Again, my intuition could be way off. I can't find reattachment/replacement instructions for this part anywhere whatsover.

Nothing looks broken. I'll try your suggestion again. If that doesn't work, then I'm at a loss...
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Response by poster: It worked, and I'm an idiot. Thanks a lot. I have one more question but I'll ask you (belladonna) through PM. Hope that's okay.
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