Can anyone identify these two pieces of pottery?
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The first appears to represent a human figure and would function as a cup when inverted. It has a very distictive groove down the centre of the face. The second is some sort of animal with long ears and would appear to be a lamp or lamp filler with second small hole at 'tail' end.
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Can you tell us a bit more information? How did you acquire them? What material are they made out of? It looks like terracotta clay, but it's hard to tell.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your interest and quick reply. I bought several of these pieces (inc more broken figural cups) at a small country auction with no provenance. Two days of googling failed to find the answer - hence my question here. I am not an expert in the technicalities of ceramics but I would say it is a rough form of terracotta. I have added photos of a broken segment to illustrate the intermal composition.
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The idea of the cup design is that whomever is holding the cup filled with wine (or whatever) cannot safely put it down until the entire contents are drunk; thus, it is a party design, and the ancient Greeks were known to also use this design method. The second object seems it functions like a smoking pipe, and somewhat humorous as the lips go on the dog's tail end.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I hadn't thougt of the smoking pipe angle. Time to start googling again!!
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