Ambient Sounds of Nothing App for Android
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I'm not sure where I originally heard about this (podcast? radio?) but I'm in search of an (Android) app that is a compilation of real-world ambient sounds of "nothing". The examples played in the interview I remember were simply recordings of the ambient sounds of various locales around the world. (The sounds of droning highway, city traffic/sirens, etc... from different areas around the world).

In my searches for this, I have found the Sounds Around You Project, which might be related... but no Android app in sight.

NOTE: I'm not looking for apps with white-noise, thunder-storms, babbling brooks, etc.

any direction would be appreciated!
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Response by poster: Also, very similar to "Record The Earth", but I'm looking for something that will *play* these sounds and not record/submit these recordings.
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There's an app called White Noise (there is also a free version) that has a companion market app where you can download recordings and mixes created by others. There's a map too, so you can choose the locations of the recordings.

This app was apparently featured in Consumer Reports this past February, so maybe that's where you heard about it?
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Best answer: Field Recordings by Thijs Geritz?
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I think Coffitivity might be what you're looking for!
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WAIT, I misread your question. Coffitivity is still a good app but definitely not worldwide sampling.
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Best answer: you might be looking for Radio Aporee which is a beautiful collection of found sounds (but the android app was kinda buggy last time I tried it). You can also access alot of this by doing a search for field recordings on
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oh wait! radio aporee updated the app since I last tried, it's called 'miniatures for mobiles' now and I bet it works much better
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Best answer: Is it this app based on John Cage's 4'33"?
It was on an episode of the TLDR podcast.

It lets you record your own 4 minutes and 33 seconds of ambient sounds, or listen to others from around the world.
It doesn't seem to be available on Android, though.
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Response by poster: That's was it, exceptinsects! Fantastic. (except for the no-android part. grrr.) I'll definitely try out the other recommendations and come back to mark best answers.

thank you everybody.
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Response by poster: Okay... after some initial frustration that 4'33" isn't available on android, I used the suggestion above to search on the term "field recordings" (which seems to be exactly what I wanted, but didn't know that it was actually a thing) in my favorite podcast app. paydirt! (including the one listed above by Thijs Geritz).

Once again, score one for metfilter.
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