Best mid-century antique shops in or near Atlanta?
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Help me sort through all the country stuff and find some modern gems.

There are tons of very traditional southern antique shops in and around Atlanta, but this is not really my style. I'm home visiting my parents and we're looking to do a little browsing in shops that carry (at least in part) some modern 20th century antiques. I've looked at yelp, but it's hard to discern the type of stuff they carry. Do you have any recommendations?

Suggestions in Downtown/Buckhead/Sandy Springs or in the Roswell/Alpharetta/Woodstock area are all welcome!

Thank you.
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Run, don't walk, to Kudzu antiques. There is typically a wonderful selection of mid-century stuff there.

I also had good luck with the much smaller Boomerang.
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Kudzu! Kudzu! Kudzu! They have gotten way too much of my money over the last couple years since I moved here and then bought a house. The Decatur one is larger; the Sandy Springs one is probably a bit fancier.

You might also like Westside Market in West Midtown.
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City Issue in Inman Park.
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The Ice House in Chamblee.
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Decatur Estate and Wayback Antiques. You'll like it!
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Seconding Kudzu and Decatur Estate, along with Highland Row Antiques. Also I will be selling a bunch of shit soon that you may be into, MeMail me if you want. Got a vintage repro sofa from Thrive furniture, a real vintage bar cart I myself found at Kudzu, and a few other things!
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Paris on Ponce and Highland Row.
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