Looking for specific book with section for advice on fetishes.
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I'm looking for a book I remember with a section on fetishes. (Not explicit, but not quite SFW.)

What I remember is the details on the fetish of bodily inflation (getting aroused by the thought of swelling like a balloon, basically). The gist was that if your partner was into this, you were kind of out of luck and the best you could do is (explicitly remembered detail) send them good pictures of it through email.

There's various books like this so that detail is too little to go combing through on, but I'd love to get a copy now. Does it ring bells for anybody?
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I don't really know if you're talking about recent, and it's pretty hard to pin down from what you've said, but since you're not getting any answers you could try Different Loving, sort of a classic from 20 years ago.
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