Wall Chart with history of universe and Earth
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EducationalWallChart Filter. I'm looking for printable web page(s) (or, alternatively, a retail product) that show a timeline of astronomical-anthopological events like: when Big Bang occurred; when our galaxy and solar system formed; when life began; when major life forms began and ended (e.g. dinosaurs); when primates appeared; when various proto-humans appeared; when homo sapiens appeared. Must be in TimeLine form. Not something vague and basic -- needs to have lots of detail.
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How about a calendar?
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Best answer: Here's a poster too. Just Google "cosmic calendar" for lots more.
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Response by poster: THANKS! I was not aware of Sagan's calendar.
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I personally have and love both the History of Earth and the History of Matter timelines but it looks like you would be more interested in getting the History of the Universe and the History of the Earth together. Links to all three here.
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