Bass in the Blues, exemplary recordings?
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I play the bass. Haven't played much Blues music. For the purpose of study and emulation I am looking for Blues recordings where the bass playing is masterful . Somewhat surprisingly, I haven't found any discographies online. Recordings where the bass is fulfilling its modest background duties, as dictated by the genre, in exemplary fashion. (Sheer Blues only, please, for this purpose. Not Rock.)
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You could start with the music of Willie Dixon- he's one of the titans of blues, having composed and played on many of the albums released by Chess Recordings.

Also, check out Donald "Duck" Dunn.

See here.
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Hound Dog Taylor, Give Me Back My Wig Drums and bass are wonderful, and use of Africanized Rhythm makes this version a knockout.
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Jerry Jemmott with B.B. King, on "Live and Well" like I Want You So Bad
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Nightmusic clip, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Crossfire with Studio Backup Band The bass player here is phenomenal.
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Gah I know you said no rock but as a fellow bassist I can't help myself: you would do yourself a serious disservice ignoring Hendrix's Voodoo Chile (Jack Casady on bass). I won't link to youtube because it's too beautifully recorded.
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SRV recordings. Tommy Shannon is quite the bass player!
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this song was mentioned in the No Treble article linked above, but I want to highlight it: Born Under A Bad Sign. I think it's Duck Dunn on that track.
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Response by poster: Thanks all so far! Do any Willie Dixon recordings stand out from the catalog for anyone for the bass-work?
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SRV Look at Little SisterHere's one with Tommy Shannon and Jeff Healey on Lap Steel.
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Listen to Jimi Hendrix's cover of Born Under a Bad Sign. Amazing bass line.
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There is a giant Chess box set that may be the greatest thing since air conditioning. Check it out.
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Listening to Booker T right now. Great bass.
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I have an album on my iTunes called "Blues in Jazz: Best of the Small Groups." It has 18 tracks and I would think that a small group's bass would be more prominent than in a larger group or orchestra. However, I can't find it online anywhere to give you a link to listen to it. I did find two tracks as mp3 downloads, just by searching for the title. Maybe helpful, maybe not.
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You might find Steve Swallow inspiring.
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