I basically want Google Keep with the ability to do formatting.
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Is there an app out there for me? I love the cloud aspect, the ease of use, the beauty+responsiveness+simplicity+speed of the UI... I don't need a complex project management system. Relatedly, an app like Wunderlist is not what I'm looking for -- it is too "to-do listy". I think Evernote might be the closest?
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I'm not familiar with all of the tools you mentioned, but I use Asana and really like it. Maybe check it out and see if it has the features you like? I think it's intended for teams but I just use it to organize my own stuff.
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Take a look at MS OneNote - it seems to cover your criteria.
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Best answer: OneNote is perfect. I used the stand alone version for years and absolutely loved it. OneNote 2016 is even free.

Unfortunately, my laptop died recently and I lost OneNote 2010. As I explained in this Ask a couple of weeks ago, OneNote 2016 has gotten the best of me.

So, please, get OneNote 2016. And once you have it up and running, explain it to me. (Thank you)
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I've switched to One Note with the Evernote own goal of two devices only. It's good.
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