Help Me Replace This Nifty Retracting Box Cutter
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I own stick-like box cutters, which I never use, and this handy spring-retractable one, which I always reach for (for minor tasks). The blade's getting dull, and I want to replace it. I assume from its color that I got it at Home Depot. But I don't can't find any there. Any idea how I can replace it? Or if there's anything similarly clever to consider, I'd entertain other options....
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Best answer: I love those, but I'm not sure where to find them either! Here is a nice auto-retractable box cutter in a similar form factor from Slice.
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Best answer: Oh wait! Here you go - six for $5!
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Best answer: There are some here too (direct from China)
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Best answer: As an alternative, a friend of mine swore by these jobbies when he worked in a warehouse. They're not auto-retracting, but they tap open/tap closed, which is almost as convenient, and they're very sturdy. They also take standard replaceable blades, so you can buy a stack of regular utility razor blades that'll last you the rest of your life (and which are useful for other kinds of around-the-house work besides opening boxes) and just change them out as necessary, rather than trashing the whole knife when it gets dull.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks, all. I'll probably go with the Slice. Better blade (ceramic!), plus replaceable.

AoaNLA, that's cool-looking, and surely the thing to get if you use this thing a lot (and I'll probably order one). But the auto-retracting small one is perfect for a one-off job.
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Response by poster: The Slice has insane shipping, but you can buy on Amazon as an "add-on" offer.
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Response by poster: Hmm, not loving this Amazon review, though:

I am so disappointed by this cutter. The issues I have with it are as follows:
- The blade is not sharp, not exactly dull but no comparison to a sharp metal box cutter blade.
- The rounded intentionally dull tip makes the initial cut penetration unnecessarily difficult in hard materials, and in soft stuff can shred instead of cut.

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Response by poster: Ooh, just found this. I like the tape slitter, which solves the problem of not wanting to cut deep into tape or other thin material for fear of damaging whatever's inside.
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Best answer: Looking at the pic I thought 'Oh, that's a rip-off of the Olfa Touch Knife,' easy to replace, super little knives... Here you see little displays like so in art and office supply stores. $1.80 each here.

When I want to safely open a taped box I reach for a Snippit, which is ubiquitous in the homes of Canadians with bagged milk but possibly a little harder to find elsewhere. (I had one sent to me while living in the States because I kept reaching for my now-absent Snippit even in the absence of bagged milk...) The magnet on the back is a plus.
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Best answer: Yeah, it looks like an Olfa copy to me. Current Olfas have a more circular shape, but are just as good. I've seen these sold along with sewing notions.

I've seen these direct from China. Work fine.

You can always sharpen your blade, too. Just because it's disposable doesn't mean you have to.

Oh, and yeah, I'm not a fan of ceramic blades in general, particularly in instances where they might be abused, like a boxcutter.
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Olfa is the way to go.
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