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I am going to a bachelor weekend in Nashville this weekend, Thurs-Sunday, July 14-17. What are the best breweries, distilleries, and hot chickenries in the Nashville metropolitan area? We'll go as far as a 30 min drive from the city proper. These are the three things the groom has requested we check out/do.
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Start with
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For hot chicken you want Bolton's or Prince's. The Hop Stop is a great place to check out craft beer. I haven't actually been to Yazoo Brewing but I like their beer.
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Prince's is the best hot chicken by a mile. However, it can be a bit frustrating to go there because they cook everything to order and it is SLOW. Also they are cash-only and the only drinks they sell are, I think, some soda vending machines, but I don't think they mind if you bring your own soda or water or whatever.

If you're not up for the Prince's experience I would say Pepperfire is the best combination of decent chicken and ease of acquisition. Hattie B's is convenient but not great.

For breweries, Jackalope, Yazoo, Tennessee Brew Works, and Czann's are all in stumbling distance of each other. They all make fine beers, though I would say Yazoo has the most interesting selections and Tennessee Brew Works and Jackalope are the nicer taprooms to hang out at. Czann's is tiny and only makes a few beers but is always a cheerful taproom.

Black Abbey is apparently a pretty cool taproom, though I have not been yet, and it's not really near anything else.

Southern Grist is a very small new brewery on the East side that has a lot of interesting beers: sours, fruit beers, etc.

The Hop Stop is indeed a cool little bar, there are also a few similar places on the West side of town that specialize in craft beer: Craft Brewed (my fave), and Hops and Crafts.


I have not been to either of these in their current forms but Nelson's Greenbriar and the Corsair "Brewstillary" are basically next door to each other. From Corsair:

You might be asking yourself, “What’s a Brewstillery? Is it a brewery? Is it a distillery?” The answer is yes to both! At our original Nashville location we have expanded our focus to include high gravity beer within our malt whiskey program.

What's available:

Grain to glass story for beer and whiskey - Corsair Malthouse to Corsair Brewhouse
Paired tastings of experimental whiskey and unique beers
Beer cocktails and experimental whiskey shots

I think aside from those two you would need to travel pretty far outside of town to find a distillery
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The Corsair Distillery is pretty cool, though we visited before they added the brewery part, I can only imagine that improves it. The building it's in is also kind of fun to explore, but at least when we were there a few years ago there was a dead zone between there and the middle of town.

East Nashville, especially the area around Mas Tacos Por Favor, seemed like the sort of place one could have a very fun, if boozy, evening. The tacos were worth it, regardless.
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Black Abbey is wonderful - I've only visited the taproom, not gone on a tour (we were there on a weekday), but the beers are great and it's got a nice, chill atmosphere with super friendly and helpful bartenders. I would imagine the tours are just as nice.

Tennessee Brew Works is also a ton of fun, although more of a busy bar atmosphere than Black Abbey (which is probably perfect for your plans, actually). Again, haven't toured but you can see the brewery from the taproom area and the people touring looked like they were having lots of fun.

And Prince's for chicken! Yum yum yum.
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If you go to Corsair Distillery headquarters location then have lunch (it's only open for lunch) at Gabby's Burgers.

Hattie B's is the chicken place with a ton of publicity and a line around the building but it's only so-so. I would pick Boltons or Princes over that for an authentic experience.

Have a good time and memail if you need anything while you're here!
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I had a good experience at Bolton's for chicken.

That said, a hot chicken tip if you don't already know, no matter how high you think your spice tolerance is, get the mild. Hot chicken's brutal. The very nice cool at Bolton's slipped me a free soda after watching me scream in surprise at how hot the chicken was, and I normally have a high spiciness threshhold.
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