The benefits of pre-natal vitamins are not over stated.
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I started taking pre-natal vitamins about two months ago in preparation for a (hopeful!) pregnancy. The side benefit of thicker, more luxurious hair is DEFINITELY happening. Except, I have PCOS so I already have more hair than I want and the "benefit" is affecting a lot more than the hair on top of my head. Please PLEASE tell me that this will stop when I stop taking the vitamins. PLEASE.
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Not only will the side "benefit" of thicker hair stop when you stop taking the vitamins; you are likely to experience not insignificant hair loss once you have your baby. I started noticing this around four months postpartum. Hair falling out by the handful when shampooing, loose hair all over the bed, etc.
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I also have PCOS and experienced the hair benefit. I went to my usual face waxing place more often and had to tweeze a couple hairs in between visits. I also went through postpartum hairloss (but only for a few months). Now that I'm not breastfeeding my hair (body hair included) is back to normal.
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This won't settle when you stop taking the vitamins - it's actually your oestrogen levels preventing hair loss.

But yeah this will all go back to normal post-partum. You'll probably also have loads of acne and greasy fair, but don't worry you'll be too sleep deprived to care much :)
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Just FYI, my prenatal vitamins say they're for post-natal use too. I've continued to take them because a friend claimed that her postpartum depression lifted when she started taking them again. But yeah, the hair. Everywhere. I had to have this weird patch of dark hair like on my neck behind my ear waxed. I don't even know what that body part is called but one day I looked in the mirror and it was hairy. Ugh.
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