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I had a friend hire me for a job, and quickly use her position over me to cut my hours and cause me undue stress. I'm at a loss as to what is actually going on, and how to proceed from this point on.

I had worked at my last job with a woman I'll call Jane. We were working as baristas together, although we only worked together a couple of times, as she had the day shifts and I was mostly a night worker. She really liked me, and we became friends. She was really nice to me, and would compliment me a lot on how I looked (this come up later on in the story). She was also very interested in a fellow coworker, who I briefly dated after we quit our job together. So, moving on, I had come back from vacation, and was looking for work, when she let me know that her fancy restaurant job had promoted her to manager, and she really wanted to hired me to work as a barista there. I took her up on her offer, and she seemed really excited. she wanted to interview me, so I went to the restaurant, where she threw in a jab about my body being weird (she's flat chested, while I am not, she clarified) and introduced me to my future coworker, the one she had a crush on, as "this is champagne supernova, she's dumb" and walked away. I left that day with a sense that she had jealousy issues and this job would effectively end our friendship.

Well, I was right, but what I didn't realize, is that she would go from giving me 4 shifts a week down to 2. I finally tracked her down and got her to have a conversation about why she was shorting me, and no one else on shifts. She told me that someone had given her feedback, and she was sure it wasn't true, but she had to see me work before she could give me more shifts, but in the meantime she could offer me two shifts a week. She was not able to tell me what the feedback was. Well, a day after that, she scheduled me for one shift the next week. She ignored my initial email asking her if it was a mistake, and then told me everyone would be shorted a shift that week. I have all of my coworker shcedules and it was not true. This upcoming week she also gave me a single shift. I sent her a very nice email asking for more shifts, and an explanation, and she told me that she " just really didn't have any shifts to give me, apologies". She is the only manager for the baristas, but I told another restaurant manager last week, and he jotted down what I said and took me seriously.

I'm not sure what to do now, and I'm very stressed. I know I'm going to have to find a new job, but until then, is there a course of action I should take? I try to be a model employee, and can't think of anything I'm doing to warrant this treatment. Is it purely down to her being petty and jealous? Any insight or advice would be most appreciated. If there's any information I left out, I'd be happy to add it. Thanks for listening.
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I'm pretty sure she's a frenemy and had her nose put out of joint when you dated the guy she liked. She hired you simply so she could be your boss and put you in your place/make your life a living hell. Pity her, really. I can't even imagine how insecure you'd have to be to go to this length get back at someone over a minor dating rivalry but there you have it. She's petty and jealous, just laugh it off because barista jobs are a dime a dozen and you'll get another in a heartbeat but she has to live with being her. Keep your head down, look for another job, leave.
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I think you should focus all of your efforts on looking for a new job. This "friend" sounds terrible and I'm sorry she's treating you like this. If I were you, once I had my new job secured, I'd speak to HR just to make them aware of the situation. It's not worth speaking to your friend about this anymore and if she tries to start drama you should just remove yourself from the situation.

Good luck and take care.
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Your 'friend' is anything but. She was already out to get you before you took the job.

It's probably because you dated that guy, but the reasons for her behaviour are irrelevant. Get a new job. Lose her number. Ignore her existence. You don't need this bullshit in your life.

is there a course of action I should take?

You already told the other manager. There's probably nothing else you can do. Be a pro. Do your job. Find a new job ASAP.
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Document everything, get a new job, then tell her boss on your way out the door. Send your story to the CEO, Regional Manager, etc. if it's a chain.
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To add one thing to the comments above: do not talk about this with your peers (a conversation with management is fine). Anything you say might be interpreted as gossip/making drama. If they bring it up to you, be brief and positive. A manager once told me that using positive language to voice difficulties goes miles (using "yes and" instead of "no but." Something like "yes, I'd like more shifts!"
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She's a power hungry person who finally found her chance to mess with you and is milking it for all it's worth. Find a new job and if you ever run into her tell her you feel uncomfortable talking to flat-chested women. (No don't do that last part it would be stooping down to her level, but you can say it in your mind).

But I'd def. find a new job, even if the other managers intercede on your behalf, she's going to stab you in the back again ASAP. She may even set you up to get in serious trouble and then you'll lose a job reference.
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I am floored. I have never seen or heard of anyone doing anything so blatantly malicious - don't blame you for being confused :/ This is a spiky snowflake, watch your back and GTFO!
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If it's only one shift, I might consider breaking my golden rule of never quitting a job before having another lined up. I just wouldn't want to be around her or give her an opportunity to sabotage me for one moment longer. I'd consider leaving it off résumé entirely, as it seems like nothing might give her more pleasure than to bad mouth you and derail a new job for you.
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