Indoor activities in Hong Kong
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What are the best ways to entertain ourselves indoors for three days in Hong Kong?

Normally on vacation we just walk around and explore different neighborhoods on foot, buuuut we're currently in Taipei and apparently I am literally allergic to this weather. (I often get PMLE on my forearms and chest, but after three hours outside yesterday I broke into hives all over every exposed part of my body; I have well-controlled asthma and am physically fit, but spent all day yesterday wheezing with like, heart palpitations. WHO KNEW??)

Aaanyway. We're heading to Hong Kong next, and it seems our wandering will be constrained to post-sunset hours. Given that: what should we do during the day? Challenge: we are not hugely into shopping malls (we're enjoying the night markets here, but like, I'm not going to spend my days looking for deals on designer goods), which was the main recommendation we got from friends. We like museums and cultural things and food. Will take any kind of public transit, and we're staying in Sheung Wan, if that's helpful.
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Museums? Hong Kong has lots of museums.

Among them all, you might like to especially consider:
Museum of Tea Ware
Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum
Hong Kong Heritage Museum

More generally: Discover Hong Kong
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I'm not really familiar with PMLE, but would it help you to wear long pants and carry a parasol, or is it the heat itself? Parasols are totally normal and useful in Hong Kong, so it would blend right in.

My other idea was going to be the huge indoor malls (not your thing, I guess), going to a movie (I remember finding English-language movies that were subtitled, not dubbed, and it's kind of fun to do something familiar in another country), and afternoon tea at the Peninsula.
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Hello from Hong Kong!

- Check out activities connected to MTR and pedestrian bridges during the height of the heat (12-4?)
- Not all of our malls are pricey high-street designers; many, especially in working class areas, have quirky local/Korean/Japanese designer brands in tiny shops for not much money; the brand "Apple Mall" has a few locations around town
- Consider hotels for brunches/teas with great views to stay air-conditioned
- Early morning can be dampish but is still mayyyyybe cool enough to do things like watch the sunrise on the Peak - head along the Lugard Road trail that runs in a circle around the Peak
- Use an indoor swimming pool! HK$19/session at the public pools - changing rooms inside; bring a swim cap and a towel
- Consider neighbourhoods that are very dense but small-scale/pedestriany for evenings out to minimize walking and crowds - look at chilling in the evenings in Tai Hang (a five minute walk from Tin Hau MTR) and Sai Ying Pun
- Get a "normal" ferry to an outlying island like Cheung Chau and get the sea breeze sitting on the open-top deck.
- Do as the locals do and get a tiny personal USB chargeable fan and parasol! They will be sold on the street or in places like JHC/Japan Home Centre.
- The Eslite bookshop on 8-10/F in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay has an excellent cafe and great English selection
- Check Urbtix HK for tickets to indoor shows and concerts
- Street beers!

Welcome to our little corner of Asia!
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PMQ is a largely indoor shopping area in Sheung Wan aimed at smaller and local designers instead of glitzy mega malls. You could do a spurge day at one of the spas. Four Seasons is expensive, but you can use the facilities for hours.
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