Tooth whitening: Zoom!2, Plasma Cool-Light, or leave well enough alone?
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I'm in Bangkok on a short work trip, and I'm potentially interested in getting my teeth whitened while I'm here. The dental clinic I've gone to before (and been very happy with) offers Zoom!2 and Plasma Cool-Light procedures. Does anyone have knowledge, or first-hand experience with either of these? What would you recommend? Zoom!2 seems faster and less likely to cause tooth sensitivity, and I'm inclined to go with that--but should I even get my teeth whitened in the first place?

I've been too busy on this trip to do the research that would (possibly) assuage my fears about peroxide-based whitening, which doesn't even sound safe for tooth enamel! As someone prone to poor dental health, I'm hesitant to do anything that weakens my teeth. Plus, my teeth have been a consistent yellowish since childhood owing to unfluoridated water and an intransigent hatred of brushing that I didn't outgrow until I hit tweenage-hood; I don't think the usual culprits are relevant in my case: I don't smoke or have tetracycline-related discoloration, and though I drink coffee, I'm not inclined to suspect it's a major problem. Is whitening meant to correct such longstanding discoloration as what I probably have?
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Best answer: I'd go for it. I had mine done with Zoom in Malaysia, at a clinic I'd researched thoroughly, and then again in Australia, at my (trusted) dentist with peroxide. Both were fine. There were some differences though. I do remember my dentist saying that Zoom was mostly marketing and that they also used peroxide - it's not actual 'lasers', just a blue light that activates the peroxide. To be honest... while the Zoom experience was fine and my teeth were lovely afterwards (until my tea-drinking habit made them less lovely and I needed a top up at home a couple of years later) it took hours, whereas the regular dentist took about 45 mins and one application, some kind of blue light used also, again with lovely results. I had some sensitivity after Zoom and none after the at home dentist. It was so so so worth it both times - I had yellowish teeth and was very self-conscious about them since childhood. I wish I'd done it ages ago.
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Best answer: Is whitening meant to correct such longstanding discoloration as what I probably have?

I had Zoom done several years ago. I don't smoke, but I've enjoyed a black tea, coffee, and red wine over the years and it felt like time to do something about it. The results were fantastic and I was really happy with it. I did, however, have some sensitivity for a day or two that made me stop in my tracks.
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Response by poster: Much-belated update: I had the Zoom whitening done--it took about 1.5hrs--and have been fairly happy with it. My teeth were super sensitive for roughly a single day after, and blindingly movie star white. By the end of five or six days the sensitivity had faded, but so had the luminous whiteness. Friends say they're much whiter than they had been before, though I can barely see the difference. I may get it done once more, if I can.
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