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Is there a maps app that will give me time/traffic estimates on the route of MY choice?

So for example, I ask Google Maps to navigate me back home and they give me time & traffic for a couple different options. But in many cases there's another route that I want to take for my own reasons that's not being presented, and I want to see how it's doing traffic-wise. I would like to be able to input the street/bridge/whatever I want to take and get a route based on that. Does such a thing exist? I'm on iOS (current).

I know I can add a stop along the route to force it to go the way I want in the worst case scenario but this isn't always possible or practical. I would like to find out if there's an app that has this functionality built in.

Waze doesn't do this either.
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Response by poster: Oh and also, I know on the Google Maps website you can drag the route around to where you want to go but that's also not what I'm looking for in an app.
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Best answer: If this is for a route you use often, say, work to home, you can use the website to set your route, then email those directions to your own email address. Then, when you want to see the current status, just click the link from your email.

Hopefully someone will have a better idea, but this is the best workaround I can think of in the meantime.
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If you drive the same route enough times with Waze when it's suggesting something different, it will start to include your custom route in the list of alternative route options it presents. Takes a while to "train" it though. And occasionally it seems to to forget.
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