Pimp my scallion pancakes
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What can I add to my scallion pancake batter to make them tastier?
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more salt.
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sesame seeds!
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Garlic. Always garlic.
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Smoked salmon and fresh dill, and some chopped kosher dill pickle.
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a small amount of ginger
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Spring onions.
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Garlic, sesame oil, fish sauce (just a tiny tiny bit), and maybe a little rice vinegar also! You can brush on a little bit during the dough-folding process or right as you start frying to get it on even.

Also, if you don't eat them with sauces yet, that's like...infinite possibility...
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Dusting of chipotle smoked pepper powder to finish it.

Trick I learned recentlyish; for frying eggs - heat the oil in the pan, salt the oil, crack egg over salted oil. Cracked pepper and whatnot still goes on top. The salt down low helps the Maillard reaction.
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Ramps (in season).
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Bonito flakes.
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Lard - turns out to be what the Chinese ones are mainly made from.
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Curry powder! (I usually mix it in the oil when I'm adding the scallions, rather than putting it in the batter directly, but try whatever.)
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I put szechuan spicy noodle sauce (from a jar) on these.
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What sort of scallion pancake are you asking about? Chinese style (cōngyóubǐng), Korean style (pajeon) or Japanese style (negiyaki)? I'm guessing Korean style, since cōngyóubǐng is made with a dough rather than a batter. If I'm correct, I've found that huge amounts of black pepper are key to pajeon batter. If you're talking about Chinese style scallion pancake, Serious Eats has a guide with everything you need to know.
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