Basic use and navigation of the MelOn iOS app?
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My wife and I are really into Kpop. We finally created an account on the MelOn website and followed the instructions on this page to successfully download the MelOn app from the South Korean app store. We managed to get logged into the app, but what's next?

We want to be able to stream music through the app as well as download music from the website. It's our understanding that there are several different downloading and streaming options we can purchase through the app, but we can't find any icons that look like payment icons. Can someone walk us through how we can purchase one of their plans, for example, the "i-MP3 30 플러스" plan?

Or, even better, could someone offer a MelOn for dummies? Between the two of us, my wife and know a small handful of Korean phrases, but can't read a word of it.
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I asked my wife about it and you'd need that korean id as either being a alien resident or citizen. It's a pain we have to rely on her family to get access to stuff most of the time.
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I last used MelOn in 2012 on a Windows machine. It was a whole thing with trying to find a South Korean proxy to get it to work and so on, but I eventually managed to download a bunch of my favorite Korean and Western songs.

On to contemporary advice that's suited for iOS (I haven't tried it, but I know several people who have succeeded with these steps):
How To: Purchase a Melon Pass to Download & Stream
How to purchase Melon streaming passes
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Response by poster: How weird! I checked this thread on my phone over the weekend and saw no replies. Sorry, gang! I didn't mean to ignore you all! I really appreciate your replies :)

From what I've read, I would only need the Korean ID for downloading 19+ stuff, which, thankfully, there isn't a lot of that we're interested in.

I'm going to try the links that Warm Summer Night posted and I'll let you guys know how it goes! :)
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Response by poster: I guess I'm stuck. I made it to the point where it asks me to pay and of course my USA credit card won't auth to the Seoul address that I entered into iTunes. No matter what I do I can't seem to enter in the proper billing address :(

I have a PIA account, but South Korea isn't one of their proxy options. Bummer!
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