Need resources about film + sound equipment WITH PICTURES
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Equipment and various sound / camera setups (wireless /wired , etc. . . )

Can you recommend books or websites (WITH PICTURES!) where I can familiarize myself with all the basic gear required to do a basic documentary shoot- everything from sound recorders, mics, mixers, accessories, tripods, cameras, monitors, lighting. . .everything! Also, all the weird terminology that goes along with it.
I want to learn to recognize the equipment and understand how various technical setups work (and what options there are). Think the most basic of crews - DOP, sound recordist, director and on screen narrator.
Bonus points if it can be explained to me like I'm 5 years old.
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You'll need to do a lot of research and reading, but the information is there.

Explore the articles in Indiewire's Guide to Documentary Filmmaking

Expore the articles in Filmmaker, they sometimes go into detail about production - for example.

Also, I have found that indie/low-budget filmmakers on Vimeo are happy to share their equipment lists if you contact them directly and explain what you're looking for.
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Shut Up and Shoot is awesome, will explain it to you like you're 5 years old, and has an abundance of photographs. It is focused on documentary making and deals with everything: working with a lean budget, how to put together a crew, staging lighting, mixing sound, editing video, getting the most from your subject matter, etc.
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