Is there an app that will vibrate my phone every 10 minutes?
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I want an app that will vibrate my phone every x minutes from 9 to 5 (or whatever hours) every day. And not through "notifications", because I don't want to have to take it out of my pocket or even touch it to make it stop, or clear popups from the screen later. Is there anything like this? Android & iOS suggestions both welcome.

There are lots of apps like this (e.g. "reminders to get up and stretch from your desk") but they all seem to use notifications and some have other elements of self-tracking. I don't want any of that. Just a buzz every x minutes, ideally in a pattern different from other notifications.
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The app Due can accomplish this. It's a reminders app for iOS with a function called auto-snooze, which reminds you every X minutes of your task until you mark it complete. You could use it to have the phone vibrate on the schedule you'd like.
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For Android, you can do this through Tasker (example 1, example 2). It's hugely customizable, so you can set it to run from 9 to 5, or whenever you're in a specific location, and can build your own vibration pattern by fiddling with the millisecond times.
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And if you don't want to learn Tasker, you can get someone else to do it with Tasker, and they can make an app from it that you can install on your phone.
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Constant vibration is going to drain your phone's battery (have tried this)... another option that I've looked into is a vibrating watch. This list pretty much exhausts the currently available options (NB, most are hideous). Can also set a standalone, clip-on, vibrating timer to run all day (on batteries) and not disrupt your phone/apps.
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Alarmed is powerful and flexible, and has a feature that sounds like just what you want:
DayMinders (Extras Package) features repeating reminders throughout the day, such as start at 9:00, repeat every 45 minutes for 6 hours.
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Search in your app store for Repeat Timers.
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I've used Alarmed in the past, and now heavily use Due. I recommend both (iOS), but I'm not sure if they meet your "No Notifications" spec.
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For iOS notifications, you can turn off everything except the buzz under Notifications in the Settings app. The buzz counts as "Sounds": switch all the other switches off to disable the other effects of the notification.
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Best answer: On my Android phone I use and love the mindfulness app MindBell. It sounds like exactly what you want as long as you don't want exactness. You'll see what I mean....

You can set the app so

• it shows no notifications
• you don't need to touch your phone
• it vibrates without ringing
• it runs 9 to 5 (or whatever hours you like)
• it goes off about every x minutes

The intervals you can choose from are: 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, half hour, hour, 2-hours, 3-hours, or 4-hours, but, they are, by design, approximate. Say you set the app for ten minute intervals. It will go off after, say, 10 1/2 minutes, then after 9 1/4 minutes, then after 10 2/3 minutes, and so on. This slight irregularity works great for mindfulness, but obviously, for some purposes it would suck.
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