Greeting card/postcard printing, not Moo or Paperless Post
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I would like to print a small run of around 100 greeting cards and postcards. I can't use Moo or Paperless Post, which seem to be the default recommendations these days. Does anyone have any other recommendations for online printers based on professional/personal experience?
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Can you tell us why you can't use those, so we don't duplicate the problem?
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Response by poster: I would like to hear recommendations regardless of whether they duplicate the problem.

But since you asked, the problem for this particular project is that Moo and Paperless post do not allow you to use your own artwork on the interior of greeting cards. You have to type in a little box on their web design tool. This means black text only (which is fine for this project), and very limited typographic options in terms of fonts, weights, spacing, kerning, etc. (which is not fine).
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Mpix. Love them.
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WHCC. Love them.

I don't know what their requirements are / how strict they are about those requirements to become a client - they do have questions about if you're a professional photographer etc.

But if you can get an account (it's worth trying whatever your professional photographer-ness is), they are exactly what I would choose for something like this.
posted by kellygrape at 9:14 AM on July 7, 2016 allows you to upload your own image inside and out.
posted by hydra77 at 9:34 AM on July 7, 2016 [1 favorite] I use them to print/sell note and postcards of my drawings.
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I think my friend just used Minted for this.
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I would recommend Vistaprint. The prices are good (and there are often discounts all over the place) and I have been consistently happy with the quality both professionally and personally.
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Check out the options on Tiny Prints and Shutterfly.
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I run a monthly art postcard subscription service and use Vistaprint. I am very happy with them and recommend them highly - affordable, good quality printing, fast.
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Specifically, use the MPIX Press software (a free download from their site) to have complete creative control over back, front, and both top & bottom of the inside of the cards. The print quality is one of the best in the business, and their turnaround time on all orders (including fully customized photobooks) is unbelievably fast. Not the cheapest place and they don't do free shipping, but the quality is fantastic. I regularly order custom greeting cards here.
You can also use their DIY card tools from the website.
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