New York City hiking clubs
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Seeking recommendations for easy New York City hiking clubs.

Hi all. I'm an early 30's single woman who would like to explore hiking areas around New York. I'm not the fittest (though not entirely unfit), so I'm not looking for clubs for serious hikers, just for people who want to get out in nature for the day.

I prefer groups that leave together from the city, because dealing with transportation logistics is kind of a deterrent. I live in Brooklyn, so if there are groups that leave from Brooklyn and not just Manhattan, that'd be great too. It would also be lovely if the group is made of people in my general age group and not expensive or something that requires a regular commitment.

I saw this question, but it's from 2007.

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Shorewalkers is my go-to for this. Annual membership ($35 IIRC, maybe $40) and includes the Great Saunter. There's a monthly e-newsletter and the walks are also listed on Meetup. Non member fee is about $3 so totally reasonable. For the ones out of the city, there's often a group meeting at GCT/Penn for a particular train, I'm sure people leave from Atlantic or others along the railroad. I'm in Manhattan so not familiar directly.

Jack Shi, who I just met through the bridge walk (his write up) last month, also hosts a number of events via FreeWalkers, although I'm not personally familiar with that one.
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I haven't personally done it, but I know that people with dogs from a rescue I support have done hikes with Discover Outdoors and enjoyed them. (A dog is not required, it's just that I know about them because they have hikes where you can bring your pup.) They pick up in Manhattan.

I've been pondering trying Wild Earth Adventures, which offers guided hikes and also arranges transport out of NYC.

Neither of these are super-cheap, though.
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Best answer: Appalachian Mountain Club of NY and NJ many different levels of hikes and many are designed to be accessible by public transport.
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We've sucessfully done NYC hiking metafilter meetups in the past!

So if all other options fail, set one up, and a bunch of us can figure out the logistics together. We would do a 4-5mile moderate hike, and then have beers or ice-cream afterwards.
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Shorewalkers is my go-to for this. Annual membership ($35 IIRC, maybe $40) and includes the Great Saunter.

Holy crap is that sentence a mess. Let me try for English:
Shorewalkers is my go-to for this. Annual membership ( about $35 IIRC, maybe $40)** and includes the Great Saunter as well as all walks throughout the year.

** 25, not sure why I thought it was higher. More details here.
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