Can I upgrade to Windows 10 but keep a Windows 8 app?
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The only thing preventing me from upgrading to Windows 10 is the new built-in Photos app. The Photos app from Windows 8 is exactly suited to my needs, and I would like to keep it. Is this possible?

I upgraded to WIndows 10 last year but quickly reverted to Windows 8 because its Photos app just happens to fit the way I work perfectly.

I realise the newer version of the app is technically superior and has more features. However, I do not need these features. I need to be able to view Photos in exactly the way the Windows 8 app shows them.

I have tried many, many freeware and paid-for photo-viewing programs, and none of them work in exactly the way I want them to work. The Windows 8 built-in app by pure luck does exactly what I need.

Is there a way to carry this single app into Windows 10?
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Best answer: I'm afraid not. While there might theoretically be a way to hack the Windows 8 photos app to somehow carry it forward, it's something that would require a certain amount of programming skill to accomplish, and I don't think there's anywhere near enough demand for this to interest a programmer in tackling that challenge.
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