What else can I bake in a brie baker?
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I am a new owner of a brie baker, courtesy of my mom's de-cluttering efforts. Aside from baking brie a million different ways, is there anything else I can make in a brie baker, or is this a single-use item? If it matters, the brand is Village Gourmet, and its never been used. Google is failing me (I'm just getting the same brie recipes, no matter how I ask the question). Thank you!
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Best answer: Well, it's a 5 oz over safe baking dish, right?--so you could bake eggs in it. Minimalist Baker Saveur Wms-Sonoma
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Best answer: It's a minature dutch oven. Whatever you can make in a dutch oven, you can do in the brie baker, just in a much smaller amount.

They're also great for roasting entire heads of garlic.
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First thing that came to my mind was baked eggs or a single serving quiche/frittata. You could also use it as a decorative storage container for salt or sugar.
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Best answer: Shaksuka (baked eggs) was my suggestion, as well as any kind of dip. I'm obsessed with this bacon and onion dip from a local place.

For another cheese choice, how about halloumi?
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aw it's so cute!

I think you can use it as a little gratin dish too for either sweet or savory gratins. Nice because you can cook covered to set things up and then uncovered to brown.
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Best answer: For more inspiration, you could look for recipes for mini cocottes like the mini Le Creuset ones. They are smaller than yours, but maybe you'll see something you can adapt.
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How about cassoulet? Here's a great article on its various (traditional and less traditional) permutations by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats.
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Best answer: Would be really nice for holding a baked spinach and artichoke dip.
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Response by poster: Good answer all, thank you. I was worried that maybe it wasn't going to be 'tough enough' for other types of baking, but you've allayed those fears.
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