Where do I find the symphonic piece, "White Dawn"
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I am looking for a musical piece from the film "The Right Stuff" that is not on the musical soundtrack

There is a symphonic piece in the film 'The Right Stuff" played when John Glenn begins his orbit around the planet. The end credits make me think that it is entitled 'White Dawn" performed by London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Henry Mancini, and seemingly released by RCA Records. I have checked catalogs at local Tower Records and Virgin Megastore and there is nothing to be found. Does anyone know how to go about tracking this down.
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One of my favorite movies! Hope this helps:
- This page describes Bill Conti's scoring and use of music from other sources (such as Mancini's "White Dawn"). Partway down the page is a link to an mp3 file titled "Glenn's Flight," which has gotta be your baby.
- The Amazon listing for the "soundtrack" (really Conti's suite, described above) also includes a sample file called "Glenn's Flight." (My Mac doesn't like this WMP file, so I can't confirm if this is the same music.)
- If that's not it, can you rent/borrow the DVD of the film, pop it in your computer drive, and record the piece?
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Is it Claude Debussy's "Claire de Lune?"
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On preview -- I just came across rob511's link at Amazon. I think he's nailed it.
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