Sydney in the twenty-first century
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Ex Sydney resident. Back for a week. What's new?

I lived in Sydney for several years, in the 90s/early 2000s. Please assume that I've done all the usual Sydney touristy things. But what's changed in the last 15 years? Are there any shopping streets that have changed a lot, new Saturday-morning hangouts, or cafes/bars/restaurants that everyone's going to, that didn't exist back in 2000? I'll be based in the city and eastern suburbs, but I'm open to going further afield too - just not out of Sydney itself. I've only got a week. Thanks!
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New breakfast spot: The Grounds of Alexandria. Packed on weekends, more room on a weekday.
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Lazy Bones in Marrickville- live music. Brilliant venue. Alchemy Coffee on Addison Road Marrickville is the new Campos. The walk around the coast of Mosman is great and newly finished - Sirius Cove to Balmoral.
Pazaar the Food Collective in Campsie, Marrickville Pork Rolls.
But yeah, The Grounds are nice. There are apparently great markets in Alexandria too but I've not been yet.
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In the city, it's worth walking around the Barangaroo Reserve - the park itself is clinical, but the newly opened views of the harbour are interesting. Along those lines, the area around UTS has been heavily redeveloped, with several new architectural sights (One Central Park, Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, Indigo Slam). The fantastic White Rabbit Gallery (contemporary Chinese art) only opened in 2009. Further afield, Newtown has Gigi's (inventive vegan pizza) and Young Henrys (brewery). Marrickville has a lot to love, especially for a weekend outing. The Henson, Batch Brewing Co, the Addison Road markets, a half dozen strong cafes and bars, etc.
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Small bars small bars small bars. Earls Juke Joint and Mary's Burgers in Newtown. Craft beer breweries everywhere, Young Henry's in Newtown, Batch in Marrickville and Wayward in Camperdown. Newtown Social has taken over the live music stalwart that was the Sandringham Hotel. I, er, don't get out of the Inner West much.

If you are not aware of it, the Baird government lockout laws have changed the late night vibe of the city for ill or good depending on your point of view. City and Kings Cross are much quieter where as areas out of the Lockout Zone are heaving.
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I'm not sure if Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden would have been around when you were last here, but there's no way it would have been as mature and extensive as it is now. Definitely worth a walk and a picnic.
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If you're on foot near UTS as per nagemi's recommendation, swing by the Goods Line.
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