Need help with an Adobe Illustrator issue...
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I'm trying to use type as a background on an AI piece (CS6). I want to let the type bleed off the edge of the artboard. My conception is beyond my Illustrator abilities. Can anyone help?

My idea is to use a repeating word in a pattern as the background, the words bleeding off the edge of the artboard. This is a tee shirt design, so the lettering, when printed, would end there, without a formal border. Any ideas?
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Make a rectangle the size of your design, turn your text into curves, use the rectangle as a clipping mask for the text. I don't have AI in front of me and it's been a while, but that's the basic idea. Lemme see if I can dig up a youtubes
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You can place your type over the artboard however you want, extending it beyond the edges, and then use a clipping mask to cut it to the artboard.
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Here's the idea
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Another technique is that you can Define a Pattern using your word, then use that pattern to fill a rectangle the size of your design. You may want to then use the Move function to move the pattern around inside the rectangle to your taste.
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What file format does the shirt printer accept? If the can take a PDF, simply size the artboard to the print size, then run you type off the edges as you desire. Save as a PDF, and the type will be masked off at the edge of the art.
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I'm with Thorzdad - there is no need for a clipping mask. Run your text off your artboard, and save as PDF. If saving as jpg (for printing, OMG, no) then the save for web option screen allows you to clip to artboard. To get your artboard to the right size, File>>Document Set up>>Edit Artboards.
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Yup, I'd do what Thorzdad and b33j suggests.

Zoom out of your artboard until you can make a text box wider than the artboard all around on all sides. Then insert the type you want, and Save As.
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Jeez! thanks to all of you! Great answers in short order. I'll post a pic of myself in the shirt once we get launched!
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