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One of my succulents(some type of aeonium,not sure) has developed weird black marks. Cannot figure out what they are. Green thumbs, please help!

So, I have a gorgeous pot of succulents I got in spring and have been keeping them inside, in front of a window that gets 7-8 hours of sun a day. The grower I bought them from said this would be fine, and so far it has been. I do the "water and drain" form of watering every 2-3 weeks depending on temperature.

But this week I noticed my little aeonium(I think it's a pinwheel variety) has developed these odd black dots and stripes(picture here). There's no sign of rotting or bruising, as the texture is the same as the rest of the plant, and I don't think it looks like sunburn. There's no ants or other bugs that have gotten to it. I have no idea what this could be or how to deal with it.

Does anyone have experience with this or know what it might be? Did I accidentally kill my plant?
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Huh, that does look odd. I googled "aoenium black marks" and "aoenium black (streaks,spots)" which was an even more productive image-based search and it appears there's a moderate consensus that those are due to sunburn and/or heat, with minority opinions that it could be fungal, mites, and/or freeze damage. The links I provided are just examples of the overall opinions I researched to provide you with the best guess, which appears to be sunburn/heat.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I never thought of searching about aeoniums specifically, and from the looks of it, this is indeed a very odd looking sunburn. Time for a shadier spot in my home!
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Could anything have cast reflections on the plant? It doesn't look like normal light patterns... Maybe a glass or mirrored or sparkly object, or even a container of liquid, could be shooting off curved reflections?
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That looks like something burrowing around inside the leaves. Sunburn is more diffuse and the whole plant will look anemic.
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I would remove a leaf and cut it up to see if there's anything in there. I think it's strange that if they've been in the same window for months without moving that you would get sunburn now. That looks like mechanical damage, possibly from a pest as fshgrl suggests.
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