Name that song, electro YouTube clip edition
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MeFites, I need your help identifying the catchy song in this video.

The video itself seems to say the song is Mooders - Alone In My Car, but I can't seem to find that anywhere... Shazam and SoundHound bring up nothing. Help!
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Best answer: Mooders is these folks: an award winning sound creative team developing audio content services for commercials, films, and all kind of interactive media.

Since they compose music on spec, my guess is that they have a name for the track, but haven't released it commercially.

They do have a Bandcamp with a spartan few tunes on it, but perhaps you might try contacting them to inquire into its purchase.
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Best answer: Mooders apparently is a french company that makes custom music for a bunch of ads. Their soundcloud is here, and this track there has a lot of similarities (but isn't the same thing)
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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