Need a slideshow that plays individual sound files for each picture
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I would like to make a slideshow where each picture has a short sound file associated with it. So a picture comes up and it plays a 3 second mp3 once during the display, then repeats with another card.

I know there's tons of software to put the sound files to music but I need it to be individual. This is to make something similar to flash cards that run continuously so that I can look at them while I am doing the dishes or painting or things where I am using my hands.

I'm hoping to find something free or inexpensive. This is for pc or android.

I also have the flashcard software Anki but as far as I can tell there's no way to do this with it.

Thank you
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You could do this with PowerPoint
posted by KateViolet at 3:02 PM on July 5, 2016

You can do this with PowerPoint -- create the slide, insert the image, then add a media file/MP3 and have it autoplay. The exact method changes based on the version, but here's some instruction for PowerPoint 2016 .

Once you've created the slideshow in PowerPoint, you can export it to a movie file (again, PPT 2016 instructions) and play it on your Android device.
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Came here to say PowerPoint.
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Thanks, looks like I'm probably getting powerpoint. Looks like they have a powerpoint android app now.
posted by Melsky at 6:34 PM on July 5, 2016

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