Like a pump top, but the liquid flows into a 'dish' - what are these?
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When in the US earlier this year, I bought this cleansing water - mostly because I really like this kind of dispenser and it prevents me from pouring half of whatever's in the bottle all over me. Now the cap's snapped off and I want to replace it, but there doesn't seem to be many things in the UK with this packaging. It's like a 'dish' where you press down and the liquid flows into the middle, allowing you to soak it up with cotton wool - here's a better pic. What's the name for this kind of cap?
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Looks like an Alcohol Dispenser-style top.
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Muji have plain bottles with this type of top. You can decant your cleanser into them.
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The bottle type is typically called a 'liquid push down dispenser' or just 'push down dispenser.'
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In US beauty supply terms, they seem to generally be called a pump dispenser (see also Amazon, though there's nothing that clearly and specifically differentiates that style from the classic soap-dispenser pump top.
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one touch pump seems to be common.
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FWIW, here's one at sephora and one at amazon.
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EBay has a lot -- look for nail polish remover dispenser, alcohol dispenser, etc -- for example; or a nice glass one found via "one touch dispenser."
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A beauty supply stockist should be able to provide this kind of dispenser. I used to get my nails done in a place that used them and have seen them available online in the UK.
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