Where should I fly right now.
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I'm in stansted. Ryanair have messed up. My flight, so I either go home or go elsewhere. What's the cheapestflight, coolest to a euro using country? Also interney is flaky. Making searches hard
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Greece, get to a beach, stare at water until.
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Response by poster: Or alternatively, is there anywhere in the UK I could go, today. (preferably wood themed).
Ideally I'd like to unfuck up my wedding anniversary :)
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With a following wind you could be in Paris by 8pm with Eurostar (if you can get to st pancras by 4pm for the 4.31. £290 per person for the return journey plus whatever it costs to do Stansted to London. Places stay open late their I am given to understand.

Not sure what the ongoing football will do to hotel booking but we did fine there last week.
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Best answer: Ryanair has a flight from Stansted to Brive in Central France today, and according to their website a return ticket costs £130,50 per person if you stay 4-7 days. I drove through that region last year and thought I'd have to go there for a holiday once, it looked beautiful. You can't book online because the flight leaves today, so you'll have to go to the Ryanair desk (or whatever partner represents them there) and ask.

EDIT: Also, get thee to an internet kiosk. There should be several on Stansted.
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Response by poster: Spent some money at internet kiosk, but I couldn't find a decent flight.
It seems quite difficult to find just a list of flights from an airport, with costs.

That thing in tv shows or movies where they go into the airport and say, "the next flight to anywhere!"... yeah that doesn't work.
They just look confused at you and ask where you want to go.
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On Skyscanner you can enter London Stansted (STN) as point of departure and choose as destination 'everywhere'. You get a list of destinations and prices, beginning from the cheapest (various cities in Germany, France and Spain seem to be the leading contenders if you fly out tomorrow).
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Depending on how Ryanair messed up, you may be able to claim compensation from them under EU Regulation 261/2004. Look into it when you get home.
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The answer is Amsterdam. It's always Amsterdam! lol For me it is anyway. When I lived in the UK and need a getaway, Amsterdam was the place to go. I love it there.
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Response by poster: They definitely screwed up.
My travel insurance should cover it though. I would be very pleased to make Ryan Air pay as much as possible though, because they are legit. terrible.

I had no luck with skyscanner. It listed destinations without prices (or sometimes with them) but when I checked them out it said that the cost was much more.
I think trying to book a flight in the next few hours is just not a thing that airlines want to do (o maybe can do) any more.
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