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Years ago... maybe in the 2000-2003 range?... I saw a movie involving a team trying to get passports or travel documents of some kind. I think the country/place they were in was a communist state or other dystopic place.

Really the only detail I recall is that to get the documents, one of the characters had to profile a government employee and guess the guy's password. The government emp'ee is a bit OCD and always enters his password(s) twice. When the profiler goes to get the documents, he enters the password only once, which triggers an inquiry by the government agency and ends up invalidating the travel documents - which results in the team members being caught/killed/imprisoned.

I want to say that Matt Damon was the profiler, but ...I looked through his list of works and nothing seemed to fit. I'm pretty bad about knowing who's who in the film/movies industry, though. I don't recall any of the other characters.

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Code 46?
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Response by poster: It's not Code 46.
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It sounds like the short story "Dogwalker" by Orson Scott Card. The tiny plot synopsis on Wikipedia sounds similar. But I don't think it was ever turned into a movie...
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This sounds, plot-wise, very much like an episode of La Femme Nikita (the original TV series), which aired around that time, but danged if I can find a good synopsis.
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Wow... I've just gone through a search of IMDB for the last half hour and can't find anything remotely like what you're describing.

This is a crazy long shot, but it is possible you are combining Children of Men with another film?
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Response by poster: No, it isn't a combination of Children of Men with something nor an episode of La Femme Nikita. The film ends with the profiler realizing his mistake and knowing that his compatriots in getting the documents were being arrested.

The plot of Dogwalker is exactly the mistake this profiler made - but there was a team involved.
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