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How can I find more information on the artist Henry E. Traumer? Did he really just paint one warship and then vanish?

There is a painting at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh of a warship, and it has the label

"The Duquesne"
Twenty-one Gun, Iron-Clad French Warship
Built in 1876, Painted in 1903

Donated by
William P. Snyder III, 1989

I am having a very difficult time finding anything about this guy. Are there resources that I am missing? This does not appear to be an amateur work, and I would love to see more of his paintings.

Here are the photos I have taken of the piece.

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You totally need to track down this book which should have the information you need in it: The Art of the Duquesne Club. It was for members only but local libraries have copies. There is also an earlier catalog which would also have this painting in it and there are a few on Amazon. Either one would work.
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