Direct TV and AT&T Wireless combo - feedback?
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I just moved and it looks like I am going to be forced to go with the DirectTV and AT&T Wireless bundle for a variety of reasons. Any and all reviews and feedback are appreciated.
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Need more info please. Why are you "forced"? What are the competitive tv and wireless options in your area? Prices, internet speed, channels you must have, etc.? These are things we need to know before offering advice.

I generally recommend to my friends and family that they avoid bundled services unless there's no other option because it reduces your leverage when negotiating with these companies and you're at their mercy for the duration of the contract, so if things start to suck, you can't easily get out. Also, with bundled services, if one things goes down (like your internet), then your phone and tv services are out of commission too.
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We have had Direct TV for over 15 years and it has been fine - out in the country it or Dish are pretty much the only choices for "cable" channels. Since Direct TV comes in over satellite, a failure of AT & T Wireless would not affect it and vice-versa.
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In my area, AT&T wireless was abysmal. Just terrible. Outages once a week for hours at a time (I telecommute to my job, so this is a non-starter). Even when it was working, it was so ridiculously slow, it was hard to even read email regularly. DirecTV has always been great for me, though, over 3 different states and about 14 years of service. We have DirecTV for tv and then the local cable company for internet. It's best to check with locals about the various service options if you truly have concerns, as the infrastructure seems to vary from place to place. If you are being forced, though, not sure what difference reviews are going to make for you?
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Thanks for the feedback thus far. I should clarify:

The feedback I am looking for is specifically for internet access. I have moved to a remote, rural location where DirectTV is currently in place providing satellite television. It works well.

Due to my current location my options among internet providers is extremely limited. After some extensive research it looks like my options are:
CenturyLink - current provider - max speed of .768 Kbps with no upgradibility due to location
DirectTV - current TV provider and I could use their satellite internet service for connectivity but have heard bad things about internet via satellite.

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