Feminist Princess Encyclopedia Needed
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Friend's kid wants a princess encyclopedia along the lines of Marvel's The Avengers Character Guide. But is there one that isn't all princesses waiting for rescue? Help!
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Forgot to add: friend's daughter is turning 5. She really wants to avoid Disney.
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Disney unfortunately has kind of a monopoly on princesses. They make a number of books that sound like exactly what this girl wants, but if the Disney name is a problem you have a much harder task ahead of you. I think it'd just be a book of fairy tales, yeah? But those aren't typically very feminist either...
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Rejected Princesses, "drawn from both historical and fantastical realms, including real life, literature, mythology, and folklore."
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Enthusiastically seconding rejected princesses, which also has a website with background and added information about the princesses, real life stories, etc.

.... Although some parental discretion is definitely required.
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The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede fit your criteria.
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Maybe try the Mighty Girl website for recommendations? Or find something about great women of history, some of them might be princesses.
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Princesses Behaving Badly by Linda Rodríguez McRobbie is fine but maybe more fit for a teenage reader.
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