Does anyone know what happened to the chrome extension 'silencer'?
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Does anyone know what happened to the chrome extension silencer which muted twitter trolls and spoilers? Is there still a way to get it? Or if not is there a replacement somewhere?

I still have mine and love it, but when I recommended it to a friend, he couldn't find it anywhere. About the last thing on their twitter says something about having 'open sourced' it but I don't know whether this means it's still available or not or how to get it. If it's gone, is there an alternative for someone who wants to mute twitter users/particular phrases/keywords so as to clean noise off hashtags they want to view? Thanks!
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I don't know anything about the Chrome extension, but Tweetdeck is an officially supported twitter client that supports muting by user and keywords. It takes a bit of getting used to compared to the twitter website, and it's sometimes slow to get new features, but it is generally much more powerful than the normal twitter interface.

Also, if they are content with only muting users, you can do that in twitter itself now.
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