Help me find my snowflakey cutlery
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I'm looking for new cutlery. This should be easy, but as always, snowflakes inside...

My silverware is driving me crazy. It's incredibly unbalanced, so that it's always tipping over and falling off the plate when when I'm clearing the dishes (the handle far outweighs the useful part). It's also too heavy for my 5-year-old to use comfortably, now that she's "too big" for "baby" forks.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to try out any in person at this time. So do you love your silverware? Is it well-balanced, and light enough for a small child to use? Are the the forks and spoons of reasonable size, and is the design simple/modern/minimalist? Are the edges of the spoons not so sharp that a particularly determined toddler could cut herself with it? If so, please tell me all about it!
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I just got married and got new flatware and dishes. Our flatware is great! I spent forever at Macy's playing with the different options. We went with Dalton by Reed & Barton. It's got a beautiful, clean, classic design, and is nicely weighted. I have a small mouth and I find all the pieces to be an appropriate size.
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The Sweethome has a guide that might be helpful. They assessed the qualities you describe.
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Also, we have the Yanagi flatware we got from the Museum of Modern Art Design Store. Simple, modern, lightweight, well-balanced. We love it.
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Yeah dude, I feel you. I am super SUPER picky about my flatware. Oneida is the shit. I got a really great set on deep discount at a Ross a bunch of years ago (it has survived 5 moves, 3 asshole roommates and 1 good roommate, and lots of clumsy dropping with no ill effects) and you can often find sets for cheap on places like Oneida is fancy in that it's high quality, well made, and is weighted well, but I like that it doesn't put on any airs.
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Occasionally IKEA knocks it out of the park, especially for the price -- dig this minimalist set. I was also going to recommend MOMA, and vintage.

My own set is Copenhagen Cutlery's Erik Herlow-designed Obelisk. My mother liked it so much she ended up buying a set for herself. (Ignore the delusional 1stdibs price; it comes up regularly on eBay and it is not too hard to get a good-sized set at a reasonable price.) It is very sturdy and very nicely designed -- it looks fabulous and it functions perfectly. Everybody who eats with it comments (favourably!) on it.

I'd also look at Dansk (again, don't overlook the vintage stuff) and Viners of Sheffield -- I grew up eating off of this pattern and still find four tines awkward; am I supposed to have a giant mouth or something? but some people who grew up with four tines find it difficult, so mind how you go with modernist three-tine things -- but some of their designs, especially the more mid-century ones, are fabulous. And vintage is often a good deal -- quite a steal was had here, and you can get an idea of how long the pattern was around for and how easy it will be to replace missing bits. (I removed the p-trap under my kitchen sink recently to find four knives; I have been living here for ten years, only one of the knives was mine -- 'can easily replace a piece via eBay' is a very good quality for a cutlery set to have.)

(Most of the varieties I've mentioned have been pretty extensively child-tested with no issues!)
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Seconding Oneida - we have had a set of their Flight series for a few years, and it has held up well. It's simple, durable, and well-balanced, but it doesn't look sloppy. We haven't tested it with toddlers, though.
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I love my Oneida Frostfire (discontinued, unfortunately, but still available on ebay & and it was just fine for toddlers. My parents had a similar pattern that is in great condition after nearly 50 years of daily use.
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It's not modern minimalist, but it is super clean and classic: Oneida Paul Revere. We've had ours for 15 years, and I still love it.
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I'd really like to promote some young designer, but Kay Bojesen has designed the ultimate flatware
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Definitely Oneida. We have the Othenia but it is discontinued. The foolishly named Surge appears to be its spiritual successor.
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