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I love watching videos on YouTube of people making things out of wood (furniture, vases etc) with no speaking and timelapsed. The two channels I've found that fit this perfectly are JimmyDiResta and Kyle Toth. Can you recommend some more?
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Best answer: is excellent. I could recommend more, but the links page on has all my favourites anyways, so start there.

Good suggestions in this question too.
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Best answer: I LOVE Frank Howarth's YT channel. He does speak in most, but he might be worth a look.
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Best answer: Also recommending Frank Howarth. He does give simple narration to explain steps of his projects, but also employs time lapses, stop-motion animation and other creative filmmaking techniques.
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Best answer: Paul Sellers!
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Best answer: This is my time to shine!

Here's a list I've accumulated over the last few years:

WoodWorking for Mere Mortals
Matthias Wandel
Jay Bates
Drunken Woodworker
Matthew Cremona
Jon Peters Art & Home
Woodworkers Guild
The Wood Whisperer
Zac Higgins
John Heisz
Izzy Swan
MM Wood Studio
Paul Sellers
Ask WoodMan
The WoodGuy
Woodworking Barcelona
Frank Howarth
Wranglerstar (More about homesteading but often has woodworking material)
April Wilkerson
Crafted Magazine
I Like to Make Stuff
Jay Bates 2
Stumpy Nubs
David Marks
Dema's Woodshop
Guys Woodshop
Highland Woodworker
I Build It Home
Nick Ferry
Paul Sellers
Peter Brown
Renaissance WW* Steve Carmichael
Wood & Shop
Chris Schwarz
Logan Cabinet Shop

If you like woodworking, here's a post I often post to forums when beginners ask "where to start". In that comment, there is a link to my Evernote notebook for woodworking -- tons of stuff there.

I've reached the maximum 10,000 characters for a reddit comment so I'm in the process of putting it up on the web somewhere else right now. I'll add another comment here when that's ready with a link to it.
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Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but Primitive Technology does stuff with wood, no speaking.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Love Primitive Technology too. TimBridge that is a fantastic list! This is purely for entertainment, not for a hobby. I find these videos so relaxing to watch!
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A few more:

Ana White
Get Hands Dirty
Laura Kampf
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Response by poster: After watching some of these, some clarifications - I'm not looking for how-to videos, hence the timelapse request. Some talking is ok, any more suggestions?
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Hello old question, I have a new answer for you! Just discovered Dorian Bracht's Joint Venture. He does complicated/unusual hand-cut joinery. Not talking, just saws and chisels.
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