A workbench of one's own
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I've recently taken up traditional wood carving, which requires a sturdy waist-high work surface, decent lighting, and the ability to hammer things without disturbing people with the noise. I'm on the Peninsula in the SF Bay Area, and finding an inexpensive place to do this after work is proving difficult.

TechShop is ~$150/month, which is a great value if you use all of their tools, but is overkill for what I need. There's a place called The Sawdust Shop that's $85/month, which is more than I'd ideally like to pay for the use of a workbench and nothing else.

Given the many resources of the Bay Area, I feel there must be a solution out there that doesn't require me to annoy my roommates. Is there some kind of freebie or low-cost maker space within a few miles of Stanford where I could do this? My concern with maker spaces is that they will be of the demure 3D printer variety, and not the "hammer shit and make noise" variety.

I'm wary of finding someone's garage on Craigslist if the person isn't vetted; it seems like it could be a safety issue.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and thoughts.
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Is installing/building a bench in your own living space not an option?
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The Sawdust Shop is a nicely run facility that I would recommend. I've never gotten a membership, just paying per day as needed for parts of projects I lacked the tools for in my garage.
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