trying to find a replacement wallet
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I have a wallet that I love very much, but I've had it for maybe 10 years and it's in rough shape. I'd like to find a replacement that's as close to it as possible.

I do believe I bought this at Target. I've googled the numbers on the tag inside and nothing comes up. I've scoured various websites looking for something similar, but I have not. For now, I found something on Etsy that's relatively close, but the card slots are not impressive.
I was wondering if anyone else has seen a wallet like this.

Here are photos:

black leather/faux-leather
chain wallet
window for photo id
snap (same position/single snap)

really nice to have:
the card slots are vertical instead of horizontal
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It looks like it's this, but Target doesn't seem to carry it any more and that website is... sketchy. It looks like one has been sold relatively recently on eBay, and maybe the brand name will help you search. (Target stuff, especially mens' stuff, is usually Mossimo. I have had a different Mossimo wallet for fifteen years and I adore it.)
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Here's one on Ebay, but it looks like you might have to use your own chain since this one is missing some part. (I knew it was Mossimo from the lion design, but searched on lion as a keyword figuring the lister might not know that.)
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Jeez, thanks jabes! I looked on Ebay today and didn't see that.
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I don't know if there is a Rolfs brand wallet that meets your style requirements, but I was gifted one in 1978 and I'm still using it. Looks a little ratty now, but still durable as all get out.
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