Laptop Recommendation for Video Streaming
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Cut the cable cord a couple months back, looking to purchase a laptop that will be used primarily (almost exclusively) for live video streaming, connected to my TV. Do you have a recommendation of a laptop that is optimized for streaming?

I initially bought a super cheap (less than $150) Acer laptop for this purpose but it has proven inadequate for this purpose (too slow, crashes frequently) so looking to get something a little better. Hoping to stay under $500, if there is something more in the $350 range that will suit this purpose that would be even better. Again, the only real criteria is that it can stream live video without delays, buffering, or crashing. Thanks in advance!
*Note: I already have a Smart TV which takes care a lot of my needs, this is to handle those few services not covered by my Smart TV.
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Any reason you want a laptop as opposed to, say, a small desktop like this? I have no idea if this is specifically a good one, but it gets decent reviews and the bad reviews are for things that you probably don't care about (i.e. lack of disk space).

If I were doing this, I'd find a mini desktop and get a good wireless keyboard/mouse.
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Again, the only real criteria is that it can stream live video without delays, buffering, or crashing.

Are you trying to do this on Wifi? If so, that might be where your problem lies. You may need a beefer wifi router, or hook the laptop (your current one or future one) up via Ethernet cable.
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I have a cheap ASUS laptop (purchased for $200), with Windows 10, connected to my TV. I use it exclusively video streaming, no issues.

Everything works well. So I can say you don't need any specific configuration/optimization.

I also have wireless keyboard and mouse to control it. That's my DIY smart tv and much more flexible than real Smart Tvs which tend to have difficult to use OS.
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