Can you help me get in touch with Airbnb by phone or live chat asap?
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There is no # or way to do this listed on their site, but I need to speak with someone. Please help if you can.

I opened a resolution request last weekend regarding some major grievances I had about a property that we stayed at in Iceland. It still says that it has been "escalated" (to involve Airbnb), and that a team member is currently reviewing the case. The host knows about this resolution request and his messages to me have escalated to some pretty harsh and personal insults about me being a liar (even though we have the pics to prove our grievances, and I have 100% positive reviews from past hosts). He is also demanding $900 for a scratched plate (how he knows that we scratched it at a shared property with 12 people using one kitchen is beyond me, and what plate costs $900?) That's more than I paid for 3 nights at the property!

Anyways, I've read that others that have opened resolution requests have simply gotten bot messages weeks after they were opened, which I fear. At this point, any partial refund is not my concern but rather that Airbnb is willing to represent a host that is capable of such insulting and unprofessional behavior. The deadline for me (and him) to offer reviews is tomorrow, and I fear that without airbnb's involvement, this guy is going to leave me a crazy-man negative review. I'd really, really like to get some reassurance from airbnb directly about all of this, and what exactly the protocol and timeline is for a resolution request before tomorrow.

If you've been in a similar situation and were able to get ahold of a customer service rep directly, please help! If you are a host and/or work for Airbnb, maybe you have an inside line or just some insight into what to do next.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Phone and live chat available here
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Reviews only go live if you've both posted them, so don't worry about that aspect of it. AirBnB will be able to see the messages your host is sending you (or copy/paste them if they're not through official channels) and if I were you I'd report it at this point to their abuse team.... which I said before I realize they have no obvious way of reporting abuse (and I am so sorry). I'd consider posting on their community boards because maybe you can contact a person there who can escalate this issue as well.
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Reviews currently go live at 14 days post-stay even if only one party has posted one. The rule that jessamyn referenced has changed. I suggest that you both call and tweet your problem to #airbnb. They seem to be most responsive to public indications of problems.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tweeting advice and note about posting on their community boards. Those are good tips.
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