Marine Corps Marathon
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Are there any tricks to getting a bib transfer into the Marine Corps Marathon?

I've never run in a marathon before. I'm finally confident that I can do it, and I've got it in my head that the Marine Corps Marathon would be perfect. From what I read on their website, there is a great transfer policy for folks who can't run and folks who want to take their spot. But how do I find a runner to match up with? I've posted on the MCM official Facebook a comment to an official post, but I got nothing. I guess I could keep commenting every couple days, but I don't want to be obnoxious. Does anyone know of any other routes to find a potential pal to swap with? Oh, I also got the word out to all my friends...but that's been a dead end too. Thanks!
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It's too early for people to do bib transfers. The marathon transfer market doesn't heat up until the last weeks - when people should have done their 18 miler and didn't. That's when they know that they aren't in marathon shape. Right now it's still 17 weeks out - anyone with a half marathon base can easily be in marathon condition in the time remaining. Even someone who is a casual 5K runner could make it comfortably from here. The only people transferring now are people who have had big changes since sign up (pregnancy, cross country move, that type of thing).

For MCM, I'd expect to start hearing people willing to transfer in mid-September and that there will be bibs all over Craigslist and local running clubs in October.
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Definitely hang out a few weeks in the Facebook groups, including Marathon Maniacs. You'll see bibs towards the end of the summer/early fall.
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