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ISO cute / fun / odd staycation ideas for a july weekend in Toronto!

my sweetie and i live in toronto, and are doing a staycation weekend in july (the 22-24th). we'd like to pack it with as much odd / fun / interesting things as we can. we've both already done most of the more traditionally-tourist things in toronto, and would love to experience some new things.

i'd really like to find us an interesting place to stay -- have you ever stayed in a really remarkable airbnb? hotel? boat? otherwise? found any great speakeasies? any under-the-radar neat experiences that we could try? we are open to any part of the city!

us: love interesting food, electronic music, art, neat drinks, up for anything (not so much on dancing though), max budget (including accommodations) ~$700 but a bit flex if something seems extra special.
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Probably not too far out of the mainstream these days, but I really like Momofuku for some ramen, bbq pork buns and cauliflower bites.

Also Uncle Tetsu for cheesecake, if you have good timing or the patience to wait..

And if you happen to like SF/Fantasy books, I like to try to get to Bakka Phoenix where I spend more than I should.

Again, nothing too exotic, just things I like when I get to Toronto!
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Monkey Paw bookstore is fun for oddities. Though not in Toronto, Door Fiftyfive may scratch the speakeasy itch.
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Honestly, massage + spa at the four seasons.
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Try going to Kew Gardens and then hit Cherry Beach! Nice relaxing day that's not typical Toronto.
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