Hip Hotel with Conference Space in Downtown LA?
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We're looking to book a hotel with a conference space and some social spaces for a design/tech conference next year in downtown LA. Something hip/trendy/contemporary that can accommodate 150 people or so. Any recommendations?

Last year in Austin, we took over a boutique hotel with 80 rooms, for example. That was great. We'd love something similar but can also do something at a bigger place if the vibe is right.

Any help would be great. Thank you!
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Ace Hotel

The Standard (DTLA location)

I've been in parts of both places (the Theatre at the Ace is probably my favorite concert venue in town, though it's much bigger than what you need) but haven't stayed in or seen the rooms in either one. DTLA kind of specializes in funky, but there's sort of a scale problem in LA with cost of real estate vs available space, so it can be hard to find a small hotel with an event space that holds more than 75.
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Yeah, I was also going to suggest Ace and The Standard. There may be others, but they will probably be boutiquey and may not be able to accommodate what you need.

Have you looked into other parts of Los Angeles, like Hollywood or Santa Monica? There's a lot more hotel options in those parts of the city, especially for event space. I recently scouted the Redbury in Hollywood for a different event, and it looked great.
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I don't know about conference space, but check out The Line. Super hip. Pretty large; I'd assume it could handle that size of a group.
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^ It's in Koreatown, however. I'm not sure that location works for you.
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The Standard might be too hip. Their rooms just have clear plate glass between the shower and the bed, so anyone planning on sharing a room is going to have to be reeaaaallly friendly with their roommate.

The Ace is pretty sweet, although I don't know if they have any kind of conference room setup. Their website doesn't indicate one.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club would be my choice. They are 100% setup for exactly the type of event you are having.

The top three floors are a boutique hotel, and they have a number of ballrooms. Plus a couple restaurants and a nice bar. Also a pretty decent gym

This is my local gym, and most days I go, some sort of "Annual Southern California Association of Forensic Scientists Gala" type event is happening, according to the agenda posted in the elevator.

If you want less of a boutique hotel, but way, way more meeting space, The Millennium Biltmore is also right there.
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I went to lots of events at LAAC back in the 90s. I think it was just a pool (billiards) place back then, but it was a great venue even before they evolved into this current space.
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