Best way to sign PDFs received in outlook on iPad?
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What is the best (fewest steps) to returning an emailed pdf with my signature on my iPad?

I have a 9.7 inch iPad Pro with pencil. It's a dream (in theory) for signing PDFs which I frequently have to do. My current workflow is: receive email in outlook with attachment. Open attachment in outlook. Open attachment in PDF expert. Sign PDF. Save flattened pdf. Open PDF in outlook. Send PDF.

It works, but it's cumbersome thanks to iOS' general inflexibility about how apps interact. I would love a simpler solution - eg sign directly in outlook when I click on reply, but it doesn't seem possible.

Any ideas? I'm open to purchasing apps that may be necessary, but I am pretty comfortable with outlook as my email client at the moment.
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Hmm. Office apps on iOS seem to work pretty well with DropBox... can you sign a PDF in Dropbox? Might eliminate one step.

What's the end use case? I ask because I often send out PDFs for signature, with signature fields or form fields embedded, and anyone using DocuSign or an Apple-native app blows my workflow out of the water (DocuSign can read Adobe-compatible signatures but won't write to them, and "helpfully" removes all non-DocuSign signature blocks, so I can't take a signed PDF and pass to the next person who needs to sign - Preview or an iOS equivalent turns form fields into something that can only be read by Preview, eliminating export options from within an Acrobat workflow, and again kills any existing Adobe-compatible signature fields)

If you're just signing on the dotted line and it doesn't need to go to anyone else, do what works, but otherwise please keep in mind the people downstream of you. (If I didn't use a Mac DocuSign would kill me completely - my only workaround is to open PDFs in Preview, flatten them to remove the DocuSign embedded crap, then export back into Acrobat to re-add the remaining signature fields... ugh)
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