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Friends and I want to holiday together but they live in central Florida and I live on the east coast of Australia. We like to visit each other but a holiday together might work out well too in terms of fight costs/time spent in travel.

Things we like:

food, history, culture (tend towards art over performance), cinema, gentle walks, more food, relaxation.

Things we don't like:

sports, extreme temperatures (esp. heat for all of our native environments being hot and humid), overstimulation.

Between the three of us there are a few mobility issues (mostly reducing the amount of time we can walk), heat-induced migraines, and sensory issues (large crowds are not okay). I may or may not have my kid with me (she is 7) depending on circumstances.

We are pretty chill in general, mostly just wanting somewhere to meet up and hang out, minimising the horrendous jetlag of US-AU travel + enormous cost. We have thought about Japan (my kid is bilingual in Japanese), or Europe, but I am not a traveller by nature. Any suggestions?
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Japan avoids the jet lag and cost issue (sort of) for the AU people, but not the Floridans at all. Likewise, Europe is expensive and far, esp from AU. Australia to Europe is actually pretty epic - like, 24 hrs with a layover in Dubai.

Meet in the middle - Hawaii. Jetstar has good deals and the jet lag isn't bad at all; the FL folks can get a deal with a domestic carrier. Go in the spring or fall; get out of Honolulu. Walk around a volcanic site, the botanic garden, learn about Polynesian culture and history, check out the art galleries, eat good food.

I am a traveler by nature, and never really gave Hawaii much thought until I had a layover and a friend who'd moved there. It really is perfect for this kind of thing.

Plus it's really really beautiful.
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Looks like Hawaii is halfway between Australia and Florida. Hawaii is wonderful! Oahu is the most crowded and has tons of stuff to do (Polynesian cultural center, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, north shore). Kauai is the most lush, the Big Island has the active volcano. Maui has a non active volcano and is not as crowded as Oahu. You can snorkel, snorkel, snorkel on all of them.
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3rding Hawaii. The trade winds keep the temperature moderate for most of the year, August and September being the warmest. It is quietest between Thanksgiving and mid-December. Oahu has an extensive public transit, Maui and the Big Island have buses as well. The beach at Waikiki would be crowded especially in front of the big hotels and at Hanauma Bay but the North Shore and Kailua and Lanikai on the east (Windward) coast less so.
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Hawaii is good, but you might also consider Tahiti/Mo'orea if you would like a more exotic experience. Mo'orea is a picture perfect tropical island that is a short ferry ride from Tahiti.
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Ecuador and stay in the cities? Quito was amazing and you could city hop via puddle jumper flights once you got in the country.
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Or maybe Santiago?
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Just noting that there are no (or very few/expensive?) direct flights from AU to South America - everything goes through Los Angeles...or Miami! Sadness.

Fiji could be another option.
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