Carp Mold: Where?
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I saw the Carpe Diem cone in the Minnesota State Fair post. They caught my eye and seem like fun.

I want to make some, found a mold here, but $400 seems a little much for a whim. Anyone ever seen a stove top version of this mold? I've seen little fish waffle molds, but none with the big open mouth.
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Found a cast iron fish waffle mold on ebay for under $30.
posted by stray thoughts at 12:16 AM on June 28, 2016

Cast aluminum, to be precise.
posted by alexei at 12:54 AM on June 28, 2016

On Amazon. There are lots, both electric and just the mold.
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Point of clarification- I think OP wants a fish that can be filled with stuff, like an ice cream cone. Current links above are fishy waffle things that do not have a cavity. OPs original link does have fillable pocket. Can't find an answer at present but maybe this will help save some time :)
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I'm finding the taiyaki cone makers, but they're pretty pricey.
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