Dog-Proof Bedroom Trash Can
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My dog is good at jumping, climbing, and loves to eat literal garbage trash. I'm sexually active, have a roommate, uh....there are reasons I need a trash can in my bedroom that my dog ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET INTO. What are my options?

-Most "locking" trash cans with a step pedal are too expensive, and if the lid can be nosed into anyway he will definitely get in there.

-I am open to weird solutions like a kitty litter bucket or something doesn't have to be handsfree.

-I'd prefer it to be small/bedroom sized.

-Budget is like, $20? I really don't want to buy a fancy motion detector Simple Human can because my dog is an idiot with a death wish.
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Does it have to look like a trash can?
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Maybe like one of those jars with a locking, rubber-sealed opening? Like people store flour in. You could either line it with a bathroom plastic bag, or have one of the non-see-through ones.
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Im thinking a 5gal bucket and a gamma lid. You can use a paper bag as a liner and to drape the plastic bag over
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One of these? Or would something opaque be better?
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How about one of those dog-proof containers they sell for keeping nosy dogs out of dog food? Like this? It's purpose-designed to keep inquisitive creatures out, and would be pretty easy to hang a trash bag in and use as a garbage can.

They come in a variety of sizes and I bet your pupper would appreciate the irony.
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Does it have to look like a trash can?

No. I'd PREFER if it looked someone decorative (big canning jar > kitty litter bucket) but I am open to whatever.
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Wall mounted trash bin. They are fantastic. You can get one for under $25.00.

Also, since you said you want it to be "bedroom-sized", what about getting a small one and putting it in a nightstand or similar cabinet type thing and just locking the cabinet?

mmm you're supposed to provide a pic so we can see this idiot with a death wish for ourselves....
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omg i forgot the pic here is a giant twitter thread of gifs of him
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Plonk a couple childproof cabinet latches on a regular lidded bathroom trash can. Not the most elegant fix, but quick and rather dogproof.
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One of the heavy-duty Command hooks on the back of the door or a high spot on the wall without climbing access, a favorite small tote bag or a neat reusable grocery bag (one of the little washable ones), use a cool clip or clothespin to hang a small paper or plastic bag inside if you want a second disposable layer.

Otherwise, if you have more surfaces than unclimbable wall space, you could use a latching canister, metal lunchbox, or even a stainless steel food jar (just make sure it's not a glass-lined one that the dog can knock over and break during an breach attempt), which you could probably keep safely under the bed.

When I had this problem a long time ago, I just put a plastic bathroom-type cup in my nightstand drawer and used it to ferry trash to the bathroom trashcan in the morning. I just stuck a tissue in there as a liner.
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Kind of dig the idea of a hanging/wall trash can - this was kinda cute?
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Our cat is smart enough to lift the lids on those SimpleHuman cans so we have a heavy paperweight on top of it. We used to use a large tomato can but eventually found something more attractive.
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Second-hand bear can?
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The search term for a latchable glass jar seems to be "Hermes jar."
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I would just buy a tupperware/systema container with an airtight sealable lid, line it with a plastic bag, and remember to empty it occasionally. Then I'd stick it inside another more decorative box and be done. Why use a trashcan at all when really you're just looking for something designed for keeping food away from invasive bugs (even if it's gross 'food' and a really cute 'bug').
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Conversely, why not just take the existing can and empty into the (presumably) dogproof one elsewhere in the house when you're done? I'm assuming the dog is locked out during the activities. Doesn't seem like more work than some sort of complicated locking can would be.

If you do get something, I'd go with metal; dogs are really good at chewing through things like Rubbermaid containers.
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stylish diaper pail
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I have this Ikea Strapats trash can in my bathroom and it is both cute and moderately hard to open. I'm thinking pop a cute plant in a heavy-ish pot or a stack of books on top of it and maybe your dog will leave it alone and not be able to get into it? Or maybe I'm underestimating your adorably nosy dog.
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I agree that you might want to approach this creatively. From your description, there are only certain types of garbage that the dog absolutely needs to be kept away from. Rigging some sort of small garbage in your night stand might be the best option for that (maybe with a child lock on the drawer/door).
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I think the search term airtight food container will show you many options for lockable containers that require opposable thumbs to open.
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If this is just for tossing out condoms and the like (i.e. small stuff, frequently emptied but maybe not daily), I'd go for something even smaller and maybe get a wall mounted ashtray looking thing. There are vintage options that are cool and then you basically don't have a trash can per se, but you have a place to dispose of little sex stuff.
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NB: If you're disposing of condoms or other post-sex items, you really want some air circulation because opening even a small sealed trashcan full of used rubbers releases a dank miasma that might conceal an actual living Kurtz.
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How about something like this. You may be able to use the slot without unlocking it.
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A locking sharps container decorated with pretty contact paper. Unless he turns it into a Kong.
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Sharps container, diaper pail, and lockable food container are all great search terms that didn't even occur to me! Sorry to ask literally the grossest question ever, I mostly was like "I know they're going to say just use the kitchen trash or whatever but man that is just not happening naked so"
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From an anonymous Mefite:
Get whatever steppable trashcan you like (I have a discontinued IKEA metal one), and install one of these. You can temporarily unlock/swivel the locks.

I have them on the fridge, the lower cupboards, the trash cans, the chest freezer, and the oven, because my dog is a determined asshole with a death wish. She is NOT a chewer, though, so she hasn't chomped the strap off.
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We have a cat who can open smallish step trash cans and who loves used q-tips. We keep our trash can in the bedroom closet.
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A five-gallon bucket should be super dog-proof. Put it in a wicker hamper or something if you don't like the look of it.
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I ended up buying this really cool Hebru Brantley X Garrett's Popcorn tin because I am Chicago af. I'm going to put a small trash can lined with bag inside it.
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